Priyanka Chopra reacts as her Twitter blue tick returns, fans call her ‘goofy’: ‘I am Priyanka again’

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has reacted after her Twitter profile's blue tick was reinstated.

Apr 24, 2023 - 15:50
Apr 24, 2023 - 15:51
Priyanka Chopra reacts as her Twitter blue tick returns, fans call her ‘goofy’: ‘I am Priyanka again’

Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas was one of the many public figures globally, whose blue tick of verification had disappeared on Twitter. However, on Sunday, many celebrities woke up to find their blue tick back on their profiles. Chopra reacted to this change in a hilarious manner by tweeting that she is Priyanka again.

When Priyanka’s blue tick had gone, she had shown indifference to the act by tweeting that even though her verification mark is gone, she feels the same. Now, in a recent tweet on Sunday, the actor was surprised with the change in Twitter action.

Priyanka tweeted, “Woah! Dunno how but the blue tick is back. I’m Priyanka again!” and added a winking emoticon next to her reaction.

Check out Priyanka Chopra’s tweet –

The actor’s funny tweet amused her fans, who expressed themselves in the comment section. A user wrote, “Haha She is so goofy”, another one wrote, “Ha ha ha love your humour.” An ardent fan wrote, “There’s only one, the true one, you’ve never been gone, with or without a catch.” Many of Priyanka’s fans informed her that her blue tick is back because accounts with over one million followers got their tick restored.

Many other celebrities such as Armaan Malik, Vir Das and Prakash Raj also tweeted about getting their blue tick back. Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan’s reaction to his blue tick’s absence had gone viral. The superstar lightly asked Twitter CEO Elon Musk to return his blue tick since he had also paid the subscription fees of $8.

Amitabh tweeted, “T 4623- Hey Twitter Are you listening? Now I have given the money too… so that blue lotus is there, right, put it back brother, so that people know that we are the ones – Amitabh Bachchan. I am folding my hands, should I fall at your feet now?”

Amitabh’s tweet, much like his films, had entertained many Twitter users, who added to the entertainment by posting hilarious replies in the comment section of his post. The blue tick serves as a verified badge, which was given to Twitter accounts that are deemed to be of public interest, such as those belonging to celebrities, public figures, or brands.

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