Woman celebrates divorce by burning her wedding dress during photoshoot

Lauren Brooke, 31, finalised her divorce from her husband of more than 10 years in January this year.

Apr 26, 2023 - 00:40
Woman celebrates divorce by burning her wedding dress during photoshoot

A woman in the US celebrated her divorce by taking part in a photoshoot in which she burnt her wedding dress. Lauren Brooke, 31, finalised her divorce recently after more than 10 years of marriage.

Brooke, from North Carolina, USA, tied the knot in October 2012, and after separating in September 2021, she and her former spouse finished their divorce proceedings in January this year. To mark the occasion, Brooke took the help of her mother, Felicia Bowman, 58, and her best friend to put on an “empowering” photoshoot that saw her set her wedding dress on fire.

“The intent was to show the fact that divorce is hard, ugly and painful for all parties involved. There were days when every morning I would wake up and cry. There were times when I thought my life wouldn’t improve, but it has. We are getting divorced but we have to work with each other for the rest of our lives to bring up our children. I survived it, I came out onto the other side. I don’t cry in the morning when I wake up anymore. I am in a better place,” Brooke is quoted as saying by Mirror UK.

The mother-of-two said the photoshoot helped her feel “empowered” and get her life back after divorce.

“Good on her. I celebrated mine with a personalised msg cake. I do, I did, I’m done. The ones that were divorced need something positive to look forward too and remember it’s a positive thing,” commented a netizen on Instagram.” I’m so happy for her and i hope she never had to go through whatever it was again,” said another.

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