Akanksha Puri says kiss with Jad Hadid made made her ‘feel awkward’, he says, ‘It meant nothing to me’

Akanksha Puri confessed that she felt uncomfortable after sharing a kiss with Jad Hadid as a task on Bigg Boss OTT 2.

Jul 1, 2023 - 13:59
Akanksha Puri says kiss with Jad Hadid made made her ‘feel awkward’, he says, ‘It meant nothing to me’

Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss OTT 2 is fast becoming the talk of the town with every passing episode. After Jad Hadid and Akanksha Puri‘s 30-second kiss on the reality show recently, both contestants have shared their reactions to what happened. On Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, Avinash Sachdev asked Jad and Akanksha to kiss each other as a task. While the two of them completed the task, Akanksha confessed that it made her uncomfortable.

She said on Friday’s episode, “I wanted Jad to understand that as an Indian female artist, the kiss made me feel awkward… I expected him to come and speak with me, to clear out my headspace about the whole situation. Communication is important, and I needed that reassurance.”

While Akanksha said that she wanted to communicate with Jad after the kiss, the Lebanese model on the other hand has revealed that the kiss didn’t make him “feel anything”. Talking to fellow contestants Pooja Bhatt and Avinash Sachdev, he said, “I wanted to have a deeper conversation and then everything became shallow. Now she is trying to hug me, come close to me. I don’t have the guts to tell her but I don’t feel anything.”

While the Bigg Boss OTT 2 housemates shrugged off the task as “one-off”, the kiss has caused quite an uproar on social media. A section of viewers called the reality show “TRP hungry.”

While talking to contestant Jiya Shankar, Jad opened up about his evolving equation with Akanksha, whom he said was hitting on him. He said, “She (Akanksha) asked me to come close and she’s been giving me those signals. She is giving me signals that she wants, but I am off it. I lost interest completely. That kiss was for a game and meant nothing to me. I wanted it at the beginning. But now I am off it. She was shivering. She had guts.”

Bigg Boss OTT 2 streams on JioCinema. The other contestants of the show are Bebika Dhurve, Falaq Naazz, Cyrus Broacha, Manisha Rani and Abhishek Malhan. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s estranged wife Aaliya Siddiqui was voted out from the show recently and Bigg Boss 16 fame, Tajikistan singer and internet sensation Abdu Rozik is the latest entrant in the show.

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