5 most savage lines that have become a part of ‘Bigg Boss’ folklore

The show's dialogues have always left an indelible mark on its viewers, eventually making them iconic moments in ‘Bigg Boss’ history

Jul 31, 2023 - 13:54
5 most savage lines that have become a part of ‘Bigg Boss’ folklore

‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ has garnered widespread acclaim as a spectacular season, beautifully depicting the essence of all sorts of human emotions from love to fight, and from fear to anger.

The show has been best known for making it bigger and better every year on the internet, especially through the one liner dialogues that evolve every season.

The show’s dialogues have always left an indelible mark on its viewers, eventually making them iconic moments in ‘Bigg Boss’ history.

From heartwarming exchanges to fiery confrontations, the show has gifted us with numerous unforgettable lines, etched in our memories. As we eagerly anticipate the final weeks, let’s take a stroll down memory lane, cherishing and reliving the epic dialogues that have made this show truly unforgettable.

1. Baap pe jana nahi

In this thrilling fight scene from this season of ‘BB OTT’, after the unexpected entry of wildcard Elvish Yadav, tensions skyrocketed as he took a personal dig at Avinash, taunting him with the offensive remark, “Gaddhe ka bachha!” However, Avinash, fueled by a surge of pride and an unshakable sense of respect for his father, retaliated with the epic and iconic dialogue, “Baap Pe Jana Nahi!”

2. Systum hila dunga

Elvish Yadav’s entry into the ‘BB OTT2’ house as a wildcard was a highly anticipated and exhilarating moment for both the viewers and the other housemates. From the moment he stepped foot into the house, it was evident that Elvish had a clear agenda – to challenge the established system of the game and create a new narrative.

“System Hila Dunga” Elvish’s most famous line made a viral headline throughout the internet. Fans and followers of the show started using “System Hila Dunga!” in their daily conversations, and it even sparked numerous memes and fan-made content on social media.

3. Mujhe Hurt Ho Raha Hai Bigg Boss

In Season 8 of ‘Bigg Boss’, an unforgettable and hilarious moment took place during a major task involving Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati. In a surprising turn of events in a task, Karishma decided to use a rather unconventional and mischievous tactic to win.

She applied chilli on Gautam’s body, probably with the intention of distracting him or gaining a competitive edge. However, her move had an unexpected outcome.

As soon as the chilli came in contact with Gautam’s skin, he immediately felt the intense burning sensation, and in a moment of hilarious and genuine pain, he cried out, “Mujhe hurt ho raha hai Bigg Boss!”

4. Mai Omelette Khaunga

Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari are undoubtedly two of the most iconic and unforgettable contestants in the history of Bigg Boss. Their presence in the house during the fourth season of the show had left a lasting impact on viewers and contributed to some of the most dramatic and memorable moments on the show.

One such pivotal moment involved Manoj during breakfast when he made a seemingly harmless demand in his tone: “Mai Omelet Khaunga”. What followed this was a cascade of events that led to a major fight. Years later, this still remains a meme used in daily life.

5. Shemde

Season 16’s MC Stan became a standout contestant due to his unique style of speaking and the clever words he used. What set him apart was his witty and creative language, which he effortlessly weaved into his conversations.

One particular phrase that became a major trend and was widely used by the winner was ‘Shemde’ to describe his co-contestants whom he perceived as over-smart or overly clever. This term quickly caught on and became a viral sensation both inside and outside the Bigg Boss house.

Meanwhile, in this season, who will lose, and who will win is a pending question because as the finale draws near, and the grand spectacle of drama nears its end, only more questions are building which is accompanied by the peak of tensions.

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