Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Raj Kundra P*rnogaphy Case: Gehana Vasisth Says She Has Proof Of Being Framed As She Opens Up On Getting Bail From SC

Raj Kundra P*rnogaphy Case: Gehana Vasisth Opens Up Getting Bail From SC, “I Have Proof That I Was Framed” (Photo Credit: Instagram) Soon after Shilpa...

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    E-commerce is Here to Stay and HostAye Websites + Marketing Can Help You Keep Up

    American e-commerce grew by 44 percent in 2020, thanks in large part to the pandemic forcing more people indoors to shop online. According to Bank of America, online shopping now accounts for 27 percent of all retail sales, a jump from 15 percent pre-Covid. Yet, on the flip side, more than 100,000 small businesses permanently closed their doors. There was a clear dichotomy in the entrepreneurial world in 2020, and the prevailing theme is that any small business that can sell online should sell online.

    Easier said than done, right? Many entrepreneurs aren’t technically equipped to build their own website and with so many competitors also bringing their brands online, how do you cut through the noise?

    HostAye Websites + Marketing is one of the best answers on the market.

    There are dozens of user-friendly website builders out there, but none with the kind of personalization, customization, and scalability—plus speed and simplicity—that HostAye Websites + Marketing offers. In an all-inclusive dashboard that houses all of your company assets, HostAye Websites + Marketing gives you personalized guidance to building a complete online strategy for your business. From designing your website from scratch to tracking sales and operations to overhauling your marketing strategy, HostAye Websites + Marketing can help with it all.

    Beyond just setting up the website, HostAye Websites + Marketing gives you access to top social media and traditional marketing tools. You’ll understand intuitively how to run successful social media campaigns, manage your reviews online, and integrate social media with your website regardless of previous technical experience. You can sell directly on Facebook and Instagram, creating shoppable posts and curated collections with synced inventory so whenever you sell something online, your entire sales ecosystem stays in line. It’s like having a second storefront that just so happens to travel anywhere in the world that somebody is looking to buy.

    If you ever need any extra support, just contact HostAye Websites + Marketing 24/7/365. They’ll always have a representative standing by if any questions arise or you need help understanding a feature. With top-notch service, you’ll be able to get ahead, and stay ahead, of the competition.

    Even more importantly, HostAye Websites + Marketing has an absolutely free tier, no credit card required. Check them out today and see how they can help your business. When it’s free, why wouldn’t you take a look?

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