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Raj Kundra P*rnogaphy Case: Gehana Vasisth Says She Has Proof Of Being Framed As She Opens Up On Getting Bail From SC

Raj Kundra P*rnogaphy Case: Gehana Vasisth Opens Up Getting Bail From SC, “I Have Proof That I Was Framed” (Photo Credit: Instagram) Soon after Shilpa...

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    5 Lesser Known Facts About Salman Khan That Will Make You Love Him

    It has been a custom in India that when we see someone, we fall in love and the next moment, they become our crush. This keeps happening for many years. The likes of Disha Patani, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan, and many more have been on the list of the best actors who took Bollywood to new heights among them, we have Salman Khan, and today, we have brought to you best 5 facts about him, read to know more!

    Back in the 1990s when Salman Khan was about to be established in the Bollywood industry. He may seem handsome and muscular hunk today but back then, he was a slim guy. But as per Salman Khan, he used to eat 30-35 chapatis a day, are you kidding me? 35 in a day!

    Since we all appreciate that Salman Khan is the guy with a golden heart. He started his own brand ‘Being Human’ back in 2007. The likes of clothes, watches, jewelry, cycles, and many more things are sold by his registered trust. He helps the needy as much he can through his good deeds.

    In 2016, Salman Khan took the role of a wrestler for his film Sultan. There he went on to put on weight from 78 to 100 and then again, worked hard to get into the shape to shoot the remaining part of the film. No wonder why he is one of the best actors, salute to his dedication at the age of 52-53.

    Salman Khan lives in Galaxy Apartment in Bandra West. His parents too live with him but on the 1st floor. He lives on the ground floor. As per the reports, he has 150 acres of land where he built his farmhouse in Panvel. There he has a swimming pool, gym, and 3 bungalows. Also, he purchased an apartment in Dubai.

    Lastly, even after dating many women in his life, Salman Khan still calls himself a ‘Virgin’. But the list of the actresses he dated will for sure leave the audience flabbergasted!

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